Oh Gee Productions is the film production company behind writer-director-producer Olu Gittens.

The mission of Oh Gee Productions is simple: to make film and television projects that reflect a diverse American experience.

As a director, Olu Gittens works on projects through Oh Gee Productions and beyond. Her experience includes film, theater, television, webseries and commercials/branded content.


"Olu Gittens' work illuminates the beauty of African American culture in an honest, sensitive, and intelligent manner; a most welcome departure from what we've come to expect from Hollywood."

Jackie Alexander

Actor, Writer, Director

"Olu Gittens is an important African-American filmmaker. Not only does she love her people and her culture, she reflects this in her films. She has an innate understanding and respect for themes like Black love, the  wisdom of  the elders, the magic of the ancestors, the importance of family and  the power of community.  I look forward to seeing her evolve as a filmmaker and am excited about her work because it will inevitably offer the world an honest, loving look into the lives of Black folks."

Kerika Fields

Writer, Photographer, Philanthropist
"As a professional director of animated television series for 20 years, I understand the importance of being able to convey a story visually… Olu understands how to visually tell a story, how to direct actors to help tell the story… 'Lucky' is a well-crafted film and an emotionally touching [one]!
The reveal of 'Lucky', the second chance that life sometimes affords us, was handled with mature sophistication. I call these moments… a ‘Spielberbg moment’… meant as a compliment!
Olu’s distinct vision could be a wonderful source to be tapped."

Larry Jacobs

Animated Series Director
Babar, Caillou, Magic School Bus, Cyberchase

"Olu weaves cinematic stories that are rich, full of life and inspiration. She is definitely a filmmaker for the ages and one to watch. Her work makes for head-nodding at the familiar and yet her stories are original, putting faces, all-too-often unseen, in a remarkable light."

Rahda Blank

Comedian, Playwright