Trust No One


Comedy Thriller with successful Off-Broadway run

One of the most anticipated off-Broadway shows in quite some time is finally running November 24-25, 2012. TRUST NO ONE, presented by What’s the “T”?, is a brilliant comedy-thriller about 2 best friends – a gay guy and a straight girl – who fall for the same man… a food delivery guy with a shady past.

TRUST NO ONE was slated to open back in January 2012, but was unfortunately pushed back when the brainchild and leading man Chance Anderson suddenly passed away just two weeks before it was to open. “Chance was an amazing person, a wonderful talent and a very good friend,” says co-producer and cast member Shanise Beck.

Beck, along with fellow cast mate and co-producer Dominique Darrell and director Olu Gittens, are helping to keep his name, his vision and his spirit alive though this amazing show. The well-rounded cast includes Stephon Guidry, Tavarius Graves, Kai Baltimore and Stephani Ouzts. Critics are calling this amazing comedy/thriller “a laugh out loud thrill ride not to be missed…”