Voiceover Artist

Olu Gittens, voice talent TV commercials, radio, book narration, corporate videos, demonstration videos, tutorials 


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After years of working behind the scenes in theater and television production and being complimented on her great voice, Olu decided to put my vocals on center stage.   

The Voice.

This inviting, female voice can sell any product.

This voice is warm, clear, friendly, sensual, professional, light and rich. They say it sounds like a bell! Accents include: standard American English, New York City regional, Southern soulful and sassy, and Caribbean/West Indian.    


Drawing from her training in musical theater, improvisational acting and singing in gospel choir, Olu is able to offer a lively blend of accents. 

Her background in teaching lends itself to work that involves tutorials and learning materials.  

Additionally, her well-honed ability to take direction will give the client exactly what they need.

Production & Delivery

Video files can be produced and delivered remotely by Oh Gee Productions, complete with sound recording, audio editing, and file delivery. 

Los Angeles

Olu is  also available to work on site in Los Angeles, California.

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